David Bellingham

Posted on March 15, 2011


Ideas Leave Objects Standing

David Bellingham’s website.

The Changing Room, Stirling press release:

“David Bellingham’s work takes many forms: from sculptures in galleries1; visual poetry on swimming pool floats and cafémugs2; to books, pamphlets, cards3 and other printed material published by his imprint Wax366.  With Wax366 he hasalso collaborated with other artists including Ian Hamilton Finlay, Jim Hamlyn, Roger Palmer and David Connearn.In his own work Bellingham uses found objects and appropriated contexts to offer a deceptively simple approach to theeveryday.  FRESH FRUIT + TABLES contains over 140 pages of new works – from playful and fun to complex wordplays –responding to the positioning of text, image and space on the page, with the formal restriction of using only black printon white paper.   The sequence of the book establishes narrative and thematic relationships between works, offering aconscious approach to reading and thinking.”